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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Two Cents

I'm just sitting here shortly after reading Scotty Bauh's blog "Why isn't the Track Season more like the Tennis Season" and watching The Winter X-Games. Not only does every athlete in these games have multiple sponsors, but the event itself does! Just on their bibs they have America's Navy, Casio, JEEP (for the 10th year), they also have EA Sports as a main sponsor. Obviously the reason these big sponsor are getting involved is because of the exposure they are getting from the live spectators and even more from the TV spectators. Pretty much every commercial I am seeing is for one of these 4 companies.

As I type this they just switched from being aired on EPSN to having special coverage on ABC. Now, granted this stuff is probably a little more exciting to watch to the general public, regardless the marketing is way better. People in the X-Games are known and they are made known by the advertisements and marketing. Google "Shaun White Commercials" and 6 different commercials for a couple different things pop up right away; HP computers, Target, Oakley, his OWN VIDEOGAME! Another really cool thing I saw they are doing is as they are introducing an athlete on the screen is their Twitter name. Just another easy way to get the athlete's names out there. I also think Redbull is doing a great job in the "extreme sport" world. I'm excited to see what they will do as they are slowly working their way into our sport sponsoring people like Lolo Jones and Trey Hardee among many others.

I like, agree, and have previously thought about what Scotty says in his blog. The big names don't compete enough and there are no REAL rivalries. Whenever track is aired on TV the commentators always talk about some of the rivalries, which in my opinion are more theoretical than anything, like Bolt v. Gay v. Powell. As Scotty says, they never really race each other and in fact seemingly TRY to avoid going head to head. The IAAF did try to promote more head to head competitions with the change over from Golden League to Diamond League. However, even with the inception of the Diamond League some of the bigger names still managed to avoid each other. That is where the IAAF, USATF, Athletics Canada, or who ever needs to get more involved in some of these meets and, in a way, make athletes race each other. I couldn't believe when I saw Defar and Dibaba at the same meet but running different distances that are only 200m apart. In an event like that, someone needs to step in and just say, "No, you two are racing each other, decide if you want the 2mile or the 3000m." Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt should not have been in different races at the Diamond League final in Brussels last year.

Side note, while doing some research and looking on the Diamond League website, they need a new website! I want to go through all the results and see how many times big names actually went head to head last year, but I can't be bothered to spend the amount of time it would take. That must be the slowest website on the Internet.

Long story short, our sport could use some improvement.

Anyway, that's my little rant there. Other than that things are are going good as far as training is concerned. I had a little hiccup over the last couple weeks with my Achilles. It was really weird, I was fine one day, ran like 18miles and then the next day could hardly walk. I took a few days off and tried running again and went straight back to square one. I got in and had some massage from Garfield Crooks and some treatment from Wynn, took another 5 days off and then as quickly as it came on it disappeared. I am back to running full on and doing workouts. I think it was a bit of a blessing in disguise. As annoying as it was to miss out on some workouts and what not, I was starting to feel a little run down and I think the rest was a good thing.

Just heading into an intensity week, which is my last hard week before a nice recovery week and then heading out to Seattle for my first race of the year! WHOO DEBUT! Although it's an indoor 5k, so... maybe just lowercase whoo. I'm just kidding, I'm really excited to get out there and mix it up. I'm most interested in seeing where my fitness is at. I have been having good workouts, I'm hoping the race will go the same way the workouts have.

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